Sunday, December 11, 2016

Roberto Mendoza

“Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.”
--Article 20
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Roberto Mendoza is a cinematographer, photographer (still) and producer in Oklahoma City.

On Facebook, he describes himself as a “Filmmaker, artist, grandfather, r'evolutionary, thinker, activist.”

Roberto is from Tulsa, a member of the Muskogee (Creek) Nation. Presently, he lives in Oklahoma City after spending several years in California. He is a screenwriter and videographer who has worked on several film projects.

Roberto is being recognized as a winner of the 2016 Oklahoma Human Rights Award because of his passionate support for human rights – especially the rights of indigenous people.

In November, Roberto was among several thousand people who traveled to Standing Rock, North Dakota, to support the Sioux and indigenous values.

Upon returning to Oklahoma City, he helped to organize a protest against the North Dakota Access Pipeline, which threatens the tribe's water supply. A demonstration was held at the Skydance Bridge in downtown OKC.

In an extended interview with KOCO News, Mendoza offered his thoughts on the motives of the people who demonstrate to protect clean water:

“My weapons are my words, my writings, and my values. Many people have strong values around land, water, and air. They are standing up for their values and trying to protect, and that kind of gets people on a gut level.” 

The interview can be found on the website, here: 

We are proud to salute Roberto Mendoza for illustrating the importance of human rights where we live.

The Oklahoma Human Rights Awards are co-sponsored each year by the Oklahoma Universal Human Rights Alliance and the Oklahoma City chapter of the United Nations Association. 

Previous winners of the award include educators, physicians, students, and community volunteers from many different communities and all walks of life. They are united by their enduring commitment to the values and principles expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

A complete list of 2016 Human Rights Award winners.

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