Saturday, April 19, 2014

10,000 Pageviews

This is just a little item in the Big Scheme of Things.

Sometime within the last month, this blog recorded 10,000 pageviews. It's a significant milestone for this little corner of the internet.

According to Blogger (which hosts our blog), a total of 10,563 pageviews had been logged as of April 19, 2014. That's an average of more than 500 visitors / month.

Our first post on this blog was published on July 14, 2012. Since then, we have offered news and commentary on topics ranging from human trafficking to the rights of people with disabilities to "Agenda 21" -- and more.

We like to think that our posts through this medium have contributed to the mission of our Association -- To educate, inspire and mobilize support for the values and vital work of the United Nations.

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